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Administrátori vedúci tento Club bez mena.
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tory burch holly sandal Golden Dragon arm!

His mind again some regret hastily into the array, he was indeed a bit impulsive, he believes that Li Yan simply put nothing good tactical deployment, he was just into the array, it can lead to Li Yan, so that has been in kind of pursuit of the state, and if so, Li Yan bent on running, I am afraid he tried to grab, but also spend a lot of time, so he went into the array.

Into the array, he sad reminder, felt sad reminder of the matrix method is unusual, and with a powerful attack from will let him physically and mentally exhausted, the hearts of remorse to the effect.

However, this middle-aged monk, after all, is the Void state of the strong, magic weapon is still a lot, although Li Yan received a fee of one, but there are other magic wand, only met with the person a film storage bag, actually took out a palm-sized flag, then suddenly a plug toward the ground, the palm-sized red flag stuck in the ground, even while shaking slightly, then the metamorphosis of numerous ghost!

Exactly the same with the red flag flag turned quickly spread around to the middle-aged monk, while others fall in the middle, inserted in a fixed place.

Li Yan a look to understand, this middle-aged monk turned out to play an expert in battle formation, and even in his array layout matrix method, which can be difficult, not when he Li Yan does not exist!

In fact, middle-aged monk really is not a lesson, not to Li Yan on the eyes, tyrannical, tory burch sandals but Li Yan strength, but the monks of the realm of life and death. Absolutely not in battle formation in high attainments, so he will put the battle i
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